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Research on Factors Affecting the Intentions to Invest in Stocks of Vietnamese Youth

Hoang Thanh Tung, Do Duong Minh Triet

University of Labor and Social Affairs, Saigon South International School

To study the factors affecting the stock investment intention of Vietnamese youth, the research team used quantitative research methods based on sample data collected from a survey of 482 young people, of which 262 were young people who have made stock investments and intend to invest in stocks. The research team used SMARTPLS software to process collected survey data. Research results show that, in 6 factors with 95% confidence, 4 factors have an impact on the stock investment decisions of young people living in Vietnam. Among them, "Subjective Norms" (CCQ) has the strongest influence on stock investment intention with an influence of 0.349; Next is the factor "Perceived behavioral control" (NTKS) with an influence level of 0.181; The factor "Attitude towards money" (TDTB) has an influence level of 0.175; The factor "Attitude towards stock investment" (TDCK) has an influence level of 0.166. Two factors "Risk Perception" and "Profitability and stability" are not statistically significant enough to show a relationship with the stock investment intentions of young people living in Vietnam. Based on the analysis results, the research team proposed several discussions to promote young people's readiness and improve awareness and ability to carry out investment activities and stock investments.



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