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Simple House Construction Innovations Made from PVC Pipes and GRC Boards in Indonesia

Suparwoko, Aryo Akbar Aldiansyah

Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia

This innovation aims to provide a Simple House (SH) Type 24 m2 (T-24) floor area made from PVC pipes and Glass-Fiber Reinforced Cement (GRC) boards. The simple house-building structure in this invention consists of PVC pipes and GRC boards which are arranged based on simple building designs in Indonesia. PVC pipes as components of the building space frame and roof are reinforced with reinforced concrete mixed and PVC pipe connections. The potential for users of simple houses for low-income people (MBR) is very large in Indonesia. With a shortage of one million houses per year, the PUPR Ministry is only able to meet 30% or around 400,000 units per year of people's housing needs. The benefit and advantage of innovation is that space frame building construction consisting of floor beams, columns, and ring beams made from PVC pipes is easy to do using relatively simple craftsman equipment. The T-24 simple house innovation is a building that is easy to work on because this building uses materials that can be easily found in various regions in Indonesia, namely PVC pipe materials and GRC boards. In summary, the T-24 simple house prototype has the following innovations: 1) cement brick foundation, 2) construction of floor beams, columns, and ring blocks using PVC pipes and concrete mix without splitting, 3) main roof material structure (horses and battens) made from PVC pipes, 4) SH T-24 roof covers and walls made from GRC boards, 5) Building features such as doors and windows use a combination GRC boards and glass materials.



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