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What Influences Pension Funds’ Investment Decisions in Tanzania?

Josephat Lotto

The Institute of Finance Management

This paper aimed at examining the influence of political interference, investment guidelines and investment ethical guidelines on pensions investment decision in Tanzania. The structural equation modelling was employed to analyse primary data collected using five-point Likert scale structured questionnaires with closed-ended questions. The study reveals that political interference has a negative influence on investment decisions, indicating that increased political interference leads to a decrease in the quality of investment decisions. To ensure quality investment decisions, governance mechanisms should be strengthened, promoting independence and insulating investment managers from undue political pressures. The negative influence of political interference on investment decisions highlights the need for establishment of robust governance mechanisms to safeguard against undue political pressures. Conversely, investment guidelines demonstrate a positive influence, where following guidelines directives enhance investment decisions. This underscore the importance of well-defined and comprehensive investment guidelines that provide clear directions, criteria and restrictions. By establishing a framework for decision-making, investment guidelines can enhance the quality of investment decisions within pension funds. However, the study found no significant influence of ethical guidelines on investment decisions, suggesting that ethical guidelines do not play a significant role in shaping the investment decisions of pension funds in Tanzania. This finding raises questions about the effectiveness of ethical guidelines in ensuring quality pensions funds investment decisions. While ethical guidelines may not directly shape investment decisions, it is important for the funds to recognize the broader societal and reputational implications of their investment practices. Funds should consider incorporating ethical considerations into their investment frameworks.



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