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From Bureaucracy into Political Office: How Regional Secretary Staging Up to Political Post in North Lombok

Arif Budiman, Yuwanto, Nur Hidayat, Laila Kholid Alfirdaus

Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Bureaucrats are active political actors. Along with their administrative role, they have their own political interests. Through a qualitative-phenomenological approach, this research aims to discover the strategies of regional secretary in staging up its role from high administrative official to political post at the regional level. Primary data were collected through interviews with key participants, while secondary data was obtained through searching libraries, archives, and documents relevant to the research subject. The data obtained is then organized, sorted, selected, and analyzed both textural description and structural description through source triangulation methodology and member check validation. The research findings indicate that the regional secretary has political advantage due to its extensive authority that covers nearly all aspects of administrative governance. This authority serves as a fundamental foundation for shaping self-image and performance, particularly in the endeavor of transforming the position from high administrative officials to political roles. However, this position does not significantly impact the success of the transformation unless supported by key political actors.



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